Honeymac Security Inc.


Honeymac Security, Inc.  installs, tests, inspects and services  fire alarm systems. In addition, Honeymac inspects and services virtually all brands of fire alarm systems. The purpose of a fire alarm system is to detect a fire and provide warning to building occupants to evacuate the premises. Automatic devices, such as smoke and heat detectors, sense the fire and then activate audiovisual devices. These audio-visual devices, such as horns, speakers, and strobes, act to notify the occupants of a building about an emergency situation. Manual pull stations also activate the audio-visuals, but rely on a person to operate them. Fire alarm systems must be thoroughly inspected annually in accordance with NFPA 72.


What we do:

  • Conventional & Analogue Addressable systems
  • Our extensive range of fire alarm detection devices  
  • Our Alarm Receiving Center Fire Alarm monitoring services
  • System Installation
  • System Commissioning
  • System Maintenance 


Exit and emergency lighting systems are a necessary component of a fire protection plan. Exit and emergency lights provide lighting in hallways, stairwells, ramps, escalators, aisles and exits during power outages. Honeymac Inc.  Fire tests and maintains exit and emergency lighting systems. These lighting systems increase your security and comfort and are required by law in most cases.

An annual test must be conducted by authorized personnel on exit and emergency lighting equipment to ensure the equipment is functioning properly. Megacity Fire will replace or repair any light bulbs, batteries, lenses, exit glass and non-functioning signs. Also, it is required that exit and emergency lights be visually inspected once a month for operation of illumination sources. In addition, a functional test must be conducted on emergency lighting systems at 30-day intervals for a minimum of 30-seconds. It is recommended that you press the test button to ensure that the emergency and exit lighting systems are functioning properly.


Honeymac Security, Inc.  employs highly trained individuals who are qualified to perform inspections and maintenance on your sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems are an interconnected network of sprinkler heads mounted in the ceiling of a building. Sprinkler heads are connected to piping, which is attached to a water supply. Heat from a fire activates one or more sprinkler heads in the area of the fire, causing water to flow though the piping and sprinkler heads to suppress or control the fire. In order for a sprinkler system to perform properly in the event of a fire, it must be maintained through regular inspections, maintenance and testing by a trained technician. It is required that sprinkler systems be inspected at least once a year to comply with


Honeymac Security Inc., provides fire alarm monitoring services to customers through a central monitoring service. When a fire or security alarm is activated on the premises, a signal is sent through the phone lines to the monitoring services central station. The type of signal that is received at the central station determines the type of action that is taken. If the alarm is simply in trouble condition, building personnel are notified. However, if an alarm signal is received, the central station will immediately dispatch appropriate aid to the situation and notify designated personnel.



**Preventing fire should be the main focus of your fire protection strategy, but in the event of an accidental fire, automatic fire detection is essetential.**